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Robot in action VIDEO!

Below is a video of our robot’s firing mechanism in full operation!  Check it out!

Well our robot is coming along quite nicely, and is fully operation as planned.  It can now successfully move and pick up the ball!  Take a look.

We have really expanded on our main frame and it is coming along quite nicely.  Take a look…

Updated Main Frame

Our two competition dates were just annnounced.  They are:

The 2 and 3 of March 2012 at Hatboro/Horshan High School
The 24 and 25 of March 2012 at Secna/Lenape High School

Just for your information, more information is coming soon!

The new robot frame has been updates and is around 50% from being complete.  Here is an awesome picture for you to enjoy.

We have all decided to use a worm gear for our launcher mechanism that will lift or lower our launching device. We decided that the worm gear would be better than string as that could cause more problems than being useful.

The robot launcher

We are a dedicated team of kids in high school.  Our goal is to create a robot by working together so that we can become a true team.  We will soon upload information showcasing information about every single person in out little team.

Welcome to our FIRST Robotics Site.  This site will categorize all sorts of information about our team 3607 as well as include pictures and videos.  We hope you enjoy!

Our team mascot and inspiration!